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Unlike vanilla Mount and Blade Warband, Warsword Conquest has magic. Based on your school and the tides of the Winds of Magic, it may prove to be a boon for your conquest - or your demise.

Technical Notes[]

For magic to work, it is required to run the game through the Warband Script Enhancer (WSE for short).

Some spells might crash the game, the following will certainly do so due to programming issues, others might crash the game due to circumstance, RAM or hardware issues.

  • No spells, at the time of writing, have a tendency to crash the game.

Some other spells might not be working properly at the current point of time due to various, already named reasons.

  • None known as of now.

"Time of writing" and "current point of time" both refer to the latest builds/versions of the mod.

Magic Basics[]

Magic relies on quite a few things to work, your luck with the tides of the Winds of Magic, your skills and magical proficiencies, and of course, general RNG.

Once you have 1 point in your magic control skill, you can visit any town and find the magic guild(s) at the town activity menu, at the top of the town menu. There you can find the guild menu where you can learn about the schools you can learn, what kind of spells they have and what the lore attribute is. Each town offers different schools of magic depending on which faction owns the town. You will also be able to increase your magic resistance and purchase spells and items once you have chosen a school.

For magic to work you need to equip your magic lore item and leave one slot free. Spell scrolls need to be placed at the top beginning from the left of the inventory. Staffs do not replace the magic item and also cannot be placed into the empty slot.

Firearms CANNOT be used at the same time as magic.

Magic Skills[]

Your ability to cast magic is based on your skills.

There are three skills directly related to magic:

  • Mana Control
  • Magic Power
  • Magic Control

All of those skills are tied to your Intelligence.

Mana Control[]

Mana Control dedicates how much mana your can hold at any time and how fast your mana is refilled per Winds of Magic roll.

At level 4 you can press U to bypass encumbrance modifiers for the next cast. This comes at the cost of increasing the cost of the cast by a percentage based on your encumbrance. At level 8 these percentages are reduced.

Magic Power[]

Magic Power is a skill which influences your damage output and efficiency of buffs or debuffs applied by spells.

Magic Control[]

Magic Control is the most important skill related to Magic. Magic Control dictates whether or not you can use a spell and if you are able to master it or not.

A spell with a Magic Access Level higher than your Magic Control cannot be used. If the Magic Competence Level is higher than your Magic Control you get a chance to miscast a spell, wasting parts of the Mana based on it's cast cost rather than paying the full Mana Cost.

A Magic Control of 1 or higher is needed to learn any school of magic.


While not directly tied to magic, Willpower can still be used to influence it.

Pressing M will grant a casting bonus to your next cast, bypassing one encumbrance. This can only be done a limited amount of times during battle.

Features of Magic[]

Mana Regeneration[]

One's Mana regeneration is fundamentally based on the Winds of Magic and one's Mana Control.

The Winds of Magic roll will give the base of your regeneration, to which modifiers, penalties and bonuses are applied.

The modifier for mana gain is based on your Mana Control. Modifiers are applied as factors.

The penalty for mana gain is based on your armour weight past 12. Wearing too heavy armour will cause mana loss. Penalties are applied as subtractions.

Bonuses applied to your regen can come from Staffs, magic spells or lore attributes. Bonuses can either be applied as factors or additions. Staffs generally add a flat bonus.

Mana Reserves[]

Mana Reserves are a mage's magical reserves used for casting spells. The maximum of your reserves are dictated by your Mana Control.

Your reserves are either filled or drained by Winds of Magic rolls, based on your mana regeneration. They are also drained by casting or failing spells. One's reserves can be artificially replenished mid-battle by Mana Potions.

Your Mana Reserve is shown in the top left corner.

Winds of Magic[]

The Winds of Magic are the magical tides soaring above the continents of Warhammer, in the mod they are represented as a simple dice roll every 10 seconds in battle, showing how favorable the tides of magic are.

Based on the number that is rolled you will receive mana according to your skills, potentially letting you either run dry on a few bad rolls or let you swim in mana with a few good ones.

Your roll can vary from 1 to 10.

A Winds of Magic roll of 1 will cause Encumbrance until a new roll.


Encumbrance is a state which negates your Magic Competence: if any of the four following conditions are met it is possible for a spell to be miscast.

Encumbrance conditions are:

  • The Caster is wearing armour having a total weight of >23.
  • The Winds of Magic rolls equal 1
  • The Caster is holding a shield in their hands. Staffs are exempt from this.
  • The Caster is drunk.
  • The Caster is riding a mount without having +2 of it's riding requirement.

Encumbrances can stack, and can be bypassed by Staffs or Buffs such as Willpower or Mana Control.

Warp Spawns[]

Magic is a terrible tool, not just for those who face it, but also for those who wield it, tapping into the Warp has very dire consequences. A sudden surge of magic, death and destruction will attract the attention of sinister entities, preying on unfortunate souls. Any destructive spell is capable of tearing open the warp and spilling out those horrors within.

Based on your kill count using magic this battle, AoE spells have a chance of spawning Daemons of the Warp near the caster. The amount spawned depends on said kill count. Any kind of Daemon can be summed by such events.

Schools of Magic[]

There are several Schools of Magic which dictate which spells you can learn.

Certain Schools are only acquirable under certain conditions in certain places. You always need a Magic Control of 1 or more. Other conditions are your race/gender and the place you visit.

For example: In the Nippon Colonies only women can learn magic.

Each School of Magic has got their own modifier, accommodating passive, semi-active and campaign effects.

Note: This list is still very incomplete in terms of informations.

Hysh, Lore of Light (Wind of Hysh)[]

Modifier All damage is doubled vs undead or daemons.
  • 4 Buffs: 2 Radius Caster, 1 Caster Only, 1 Battlefield Aura
  • 2 Debuffs: 1 Radius Caster, 1 Radius Ranged
  • 1 Missile: 1 Minor
  • 1 Summon: 1 Weapon
  • 1 Damage: 1 Caster Aura

Gold, Lore of Metal (Wind of Chamon)[]

Modifier Bonus vs heavily armoured troops and magic attacks count as flaming.
  • 3 Missiles: 1 Minor, 1 Major, 1 Teleport
  • 2 Debuffs: 2 Radius Ranged
  • 2 Buffs: 2 Radius Ranged
  • 1 Damage: 1 Ranged Aura

Jade, Lore of Life (Wind of Ghyran)[]

Modifier All successful spells restore health to the caster.
  • 1 Missile: 1 Teleport
  • 2 Heals: 1 Radius Caster, 1 Radius Caster & Resuscitation
  • 4 Buffs: 3 Radius Caster, 1 Caster Only
  • 2 Damage: 2 Auras

Celestial, Lore of Heaven (Wind of Azyr)[]

Modifier Weather related random events will not lead to negative outcomes.
  • 3 Missiles: 1 Minor, 1 Major, 1 Teleport
  • 1 Summon: 1 Weapon
  • 2 Damage: 1 Explosion, 1 Aura
  • 1 Buff: Radius Caster
  • 2 Debuffs: 1 Radius Ranged, 1 Radius Caster

Grey, Lore of Shadow (Wind of Ulgu)[]

Modifier 10% per magic level of player escape after battle up to 80%
  • 2 Missiles: 1 Major, 1 Misc.
  • 1 Summon: 1 Mount
  • 1 Damage: 1 Aura
  • 3 Debuffs: 3 Radius Caster
  • 2 Buffs: 1 Radius Caster, 1 Caster Only

Amethyst, Lore of Death (Wind of Shyish)[]

Modifier If a spell causes an enemy death there is a 33% chance of bonus mana in the next magic phase.
Composition 1 TlpMi, 3 MaMi, 2 DbfAura, 1 DmgAura

Bright, Lore of Fire (Wind of Aqshy)[]

Modifier All attacks count as flaming damage. If you successfully cast further spells cast in that magic phase will have a casting roll bonus.
  • 2 Missiles: 1 Minor, 1 Major
  • 1 Summon: 1 Weapon
  • 2 Damage: 2 Ranged Explosions
  • 3 Buffs: 2 Radius Ranged, 1 Radius Caster
  • 1 Debuff: 1 Radius Ranged

Amber, Lore of Beasts (Wind of Ghur)[]

Modifier Calm the wild beast: every 2 points in magic control increases your riding by 1 point.
Composition 1 MiMi, 3 AoEBffMi, 2 AoEDbfMi, 2 CstBffs, 1 Smn

High Magic (Qhaysh)[]

Modifier A Successful cast creates a shield of protection roll of 6 or more. Subsequent successful spells improve target number up to a maximum of 4 or more. Resets to 0 when a hit is absorbed.
Composition 1 MiMi, 1 MaMi, 1 AoEDmgMi, 2 AoEBffMi, 1 DmgAura, 2 Btf

Dark Magic (Dhar)[]

Modifier 17% chance of bonus damage when casting direct damage spells.
Composition 1 MiMi, 1 MaMi, 1 AoEDmgBff, 2 DbfAura, 3 AoEDmgAura, 1 BtfDbf, 1 Tlp

Tzeentch Magic (Lore of Change)[]

Modifier Gain 2 bonus mana of the winds of magic is 8.
Composition 1 MiMi, 2 MaMi, 1 CstBff, 1 BtfBff, 1 DbfAura, 1 DmgAura, 2 AoEDmgMi

Slaanesh Magic (Lore of Pain And Pleasure)[]

Modifier If spell damage kills a target, there is a 17% chance of the caster summoning a daemonette.
  • 2 Missiles: 1 Minor, 1 Major
  • 2 Damage: 2 Ranged Auras
  • 1 Summon: 1 Unit
  • 3 Debuffs: 2 Radius Ranged, 1 Radius Caster
  • 1 Buff: 1 Radius Ranged

Nurgle Magic (Gifts of the Plagued One)[]

Modifier After a spell is successfully cast, there is a 17% chance of gaining ignore pain. After this, there is another 17% chance of gaining advanced ignore pain. Effect remains until the end of your current battle.
  • 1 Missile: 1 Minor
  • 3 Damage: 2 Centred Aura, 1 Ranged Explosion
  • 1 Heal: 1 Radius Caster
  • 2 Buff: 2 Radius Ranged
  • 1 Debuff: 1 Radius Ranged

Big Waaaagh Magic (Orcish Lore of the Great Green)[]

Modifier Between each magic phase, the amount of times your allied orcs hit an enemy and the amount of times your allied orcs get hit is recorded, If allied orcs successfully land hit more times than they got hit, the caster will gain bonus damage with all spells. The higher the difference, the higher the bonus.
Composition 2 MiMi, 1 MaMi, 1 AoEBff, 1 AoEBffMi, 1 AoEDmgAura. 1 BtfBff, 1 BtfDbf, 1 CstBff

Little Waaaagh Magic (Goblin Lore of the Great Green)[]

Modifier After a successful cast, there is a 33% chance of stealing mana from each enemy caster in the next magic phase.
Composition 1 MiMi, 1 AoEDbf, 1 AoEBffMi. 1 AoEDbfMi, 2 BtfDbf, 1 BtfBffDmg, 1 AoEDmgMi

Ruinous Magic (Dhar of the Great Horned One)[]

Modifier The power of arcane engineering is strong within the lore of ruin. Siege towers are built 5% faster per magic level.

Plague Magic (Dhar of the Great Horned One)[]

Modifier The plague makes villagers scatter and run. Villages are looted 3% faster per magic level.

Nehekhara Magic (Liche Priest magic)[]

Modifier Augmentation spells will also heal your tomb king troops.
  • 1 Missile: 1 Major
  • 4 Buffs: 4 Radius Caster
  • 1 Summon: 1 Resuscication
  • 2 Debuffs: 2 Radius Ranged
  • 1 Damage: 1 Ranged Explosion

Ice Magic (Kislevite Old Ways)[]

Modifier Regain health faster when travelling on snowy terrain. The higher your magic control, the faster the healing.
Composition 1 MiMi, 1 MaMi, 1 AoEDbf, 1 AoEBff, 1 AoEDbfDmgMi, 1 BtfDbf, 1 Smn, 1 CstSmn, 1 CstBff

Desert Magic (Spells of the Dunes)[]

Modifier +1 to casting rolls on desert terrain.
Composition 1 MiMi, 1 MaMi, 1AoEHealMi, 1 DbfMi, 1 BffAura, 2 AoEBffMi, 1CstSmn, 1 AoEDmg

Wild Magic (Corrupt Ghur)[]

Modifier The corruptive power of wild shamans can deflect and distort enemy magic. You start the game with magic resistance of 5+.
Composition 1 MiMi, 1 MaMi, 1 DbfAura, 2 BffMi, 1 Smn, 1BtfBff

Undeath Magic (Curse of Undeath)[]

Modifier Successfully casting a summoning spell will increase the odds of summoning higher level undead in your next summoning spell.
Composition 3 Smn, 1 HealAura, 1 BffAura

Vampire Magic (Curse of Undeath)[]

Modifier Successfully casting a spell will lead to the caster regaining an amount of health relative to their magic control level.
Composition 1 Smn

Hedge Magic (Witchcraft)[]

Modifier As hedge wizardry is not a school there is no lore attribute.
Composition 1 MiMi, 1 MaMi, 2 CstBff, 1 AoEBffMi, 1 BffAura, 1 DmgAura, 2 AoEDmgMi, 1 HealAura

Factional Magic - Availability[]

Faction Race Schools
Empire Humans Light, Gold, Jade, Celestial, Grey, Amethyst, Bright, Amber
Kislev Female Humans Ice
Bretonnia Female Humans Jade, Amber, Celestial
Nippon Female Humans Celestial, Bright, Life, Grey
Araby Humans Gold, Light, Bright, Celestial, Desert
High Elfs High Elfs High, Light, Gold, Jade, Celestial, Grey, Amethyst, Bright, Amber
Wood Elfs Wood Elfs High, Light, Gold, Jade, Celestial, Grey, Amethyst, Bright, Amber
Dwarfs Dwarfs No magic but they have the Runesmith available for prominent Dwarfs
Lizardmen Sauri No magic but they have the Guardian Temple available for prominent Sauri
Lizardmen Skinks High, Celestial, Beast
Chaos Chaos Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Gold, Grey, Amethyst
Chaos Humans* Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Gold, Grey, Amethyst
Chaos Dwarfs Chaos Dwarfs Bright, Gold, Amethyst
Beastmen Beastmen Wild, Amber, Grey, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Amethyst
Goblins Goblins Little Waaaagh
Orcs Orcs Big Waaaagh
Ogres Ogres Lore of the Maw, Amethyst
Dark Elfs Dark Elfs Dark, Gold, Bright, Grey, Amethyst, Slaanesh
Skaven Skaven Ruin, Plague
Tomb Kings Skeletons Nehekhara, Light, Amethyst
Undead Pirates Vampires Undeath**, Vampire, Grey, Amethyst
Undead Pirates Skeletons Undeath**, Amethyst
Vampire Counts Vampires Undeath, Vampire, Grey, Amethyst
Vampire Counts Skeletons Undeath
Vampire Counts Humans* Undeath

*A human will antagonize the Order factions when learning chaos sorcery or necromancy.

**Undead Pirates have access to a slightly changed version.


A list of all magic-related controls:

  • to scroll up spells
  • to scroll down spells
  • N to display spell related info
  • M to focus willpower
  • U to bypass encumbrance at the cost of spells requiring more mana


  • AoE- Area of Effect
  • Centred - Centred on Caster
  • Ranged - Fired per Missile
  • Explosion - Indiscriminate Effects
  • Aura - Discriminatory Effects
Reference: Github Manual