Warsword Conquest Wiki

Warsword Conquest takes place in the Warhammer Fantasy universe where many factions compete for dominance.

There are 18 factions in which the play can join.

Warsword Conquest Factions[]

Name  Ruler Location Colour Unit Focus
Badlands Goblins Warboss Skarsnik The Badlands Light Green Fast light-armored cavalry
Beastmen Gorthor the Beastlord Estalia Brown Heavy Chaos-inspired infantry
Chaos Dwarf Colonies Astragoth, High Priest of Hashut Albion and Norsca Yellow Heavy infantry with guns with some good cavalry units
Dark Elf Kingdom Witch King Malekith Naggaroth Purple Good fusion archer-infantry
Dwarf Kingdom High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer World's Edge Mountains and Grey Mountains and Black Mountains Grey Heavy infantry that deals loads of damage. No cavalry
Empire of Sigmar Emperor Karl Franz The Empire Orange All-around
High Elf Kingdom Phoenix King Finubar Ulthuan White Heavy cavalry with good infantry and archer units
Kingdom of Araby Sultan Jaffar Araby Yellow Horse archers
Kingdom of Bretonnia King Louen Leoncoeur Bretonnia Light Blue Best heavy cavalry
Kislev Tzar Boris Bokha Kislev Perano Blue Cavalry and axemen units
Lizardman Kingdom Old Blood Kroq-Gar Southern Lustria and Southlands Teal Dinosaurs
Nippon Colonies Shogun Akoda Kaneka Southern Naggaroth and Northern Lustria Pink Handgunners, heavy cavalry, and ground infantry
Orcs Warboss Grimgor Ironhide Badlands Dark Green Heavy infantry and hard-hitting cavalry
Ogre Kingdom Greasus Goldtooth Mountains of Mourn Light Grey Strong infantry with large hitboxes. Minimal archers and cavalry.
Realm of Chaos Warlord Archaon the Everchosen Norsca Red Heavy all-around. Demons
Skaven Underworld Lord Kritislik the Seerlord Tilea and the Vaults Dark Red Gunner units with mediocre infantry
Tomb Kings Empire High King Settra Nekehara Gold Fast medium cavalry and tanky infantry
Undead Pirate Kingdom Luthor Harkon Lustria Dark Blue Gunners and versatile infantry
Vampire Counts of Sylvania Lord Vlad Von Carstein Sylvania Grey Expendables paired with heavy cavalry
Wood Elven Kingdom Woodland King Orion Athel Loren Green Accurate, hard hitting archers

Landless Factions (cultures)[]

Pirate Kingdom: more info about it in its page

Halflings (player faction)